Eleanor and Park

The story revolves around Eleanor (a sort of a chubby red head with an eccentric dressing style) and Park (the cool Asian kid who also practices martial arts and obsesses over comic books). 

Honestly, Park is such a catch. 

So Eleanor and Park meet on the school bus and Eleanor’s the new girl. They’re forced to sit together and the characters slowly start to interact.

I just love how Rainbow has included diverse characters in her story and how she just makes the characters so real and lovable. Her writing style is pretty simple and the story does have simple settings but the book has scored a special place in my heart.

The pace of the book is just perfect and the interaction between the characters isn’t rushed at all. She took her time with the characters getting to discover each other and honestly, you don’t even mind it or notice it. It’s really a heartwarming read.

I would fangirl every time the characters would have an intimate moment and it was just so adorable. 

I even recommended the book to a close friend of mine, despite the fact that she’s more into the fantasy/sci-fic genres. She wasn’t expecting much from the book but boy, was she surprised. And I quote her now: “It’s the cutest book I’ve ever read.”

I didn’t really find anything wrong with the book except the part around the end – which I won’t talk about in this review since it’s obviously a spoiler. I’ll talk about it in a separate blog post and you can read that post once you’ve read the book for yourselves.

But other than that, ‘Eleanor & Park’ is one of my favorite books of all times. I hope you all enjoyed it as much as I did – we can fangirl about it together – but if you didn’t, let me know what you didn’t like about it. I’m always open to discussions.

Thank you so much for reading my review.

This review was sent to us by Sarah Wazir – she blogs at https://wordpress.com/posts/sarahwazir.wordpress.com


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