Carry On

I would say that Carry On is a bit different than Rainbow’s usual style. It involves magic, vampires and of course an evil threat that needs to be eliminated. Our main character Simon Snow is the Chosen One who’s supposed to save the magical world of Mages from this threat. 

If that wasn’t a tough burden to carry, Simon also has to deal with his vampire roommate, Baz, who’s trying to kill him. Ouch. 

One of the things that was a bit different about this book is that the story doesn’t start from the beginning. When the book starts, there’s already some serious crisis going on and in the first chapter itself, we’re introduced to the ‘Humdrum’. A.K.A the evil threat. 

I will admit that it was a bit confusing at first since we – the readers – weren’t 100% sure what the author meant by the Humdrum and some other stuff that comes up in the beginning. But as the story goes on, the author elaborates more and the confusion goes away. 

I mean, throughout the story, there were moments where a certain character would recall something that happened in the past but we wouldn’t know what it was until the author told us. 

Moving on to the characters, I would say that I enjoyed them as well. I mean, watching Baz and Simon at each other’s throats was pretty entertaining. I liked the other characters like Penny and Agatha too and really enjoyed reading from their point of view as well. It definitely helped me connect with the characters more. 

Overall I really liked this book. Eleanor & Park is still my favorite, though but Carry On is a pretty good read too. I also liked the way it ended because it didn’t make me feel like the story came to an end, really. It actually made me feel like there were other chapters in these characters’ lives but this is how far we’ll go with them. Like its a whole new beginning for them but that’s not for us to know. 

I’m not sure if I’m making sense. Oh, wait… 

I mean, there are some unanswered questions when the book comes to an end and that irks me a bit. 

I just love talking about books so it would be a delight if you guys would discuss it with me. 

Anyway, that’s it for this blog post. Thank you so much for reading my review.  

This review was sent to us by Sarah Wazir – she blogs at


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