Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

When I first heard that the book will be coming out, I couldn’t help but be excited. I’m a PotterHead so I was thrilled to be going back to the wizarding world but at the same time, I was a bit weary too.

 I was afraid that this new book might not be as good as the previous ones – even though, it was not exactly a book, but more of a play. But I was still weary, nonetheless. Not that I was underestimating the Queen (AKA J.K Rowling) but I’ve seen/read too many sequels that have ruined the entire experience of a story so I was worried.
But anyway, I still got it (duh) and read it and even though, it felt good to be back with all the characters after so long, the book still wasn’t without its flaws. 

Firstly, I wished that it was an actual book and not just a play because there were several scenes that needed more description. There was plenty of dialogue but I wanted description and not just a few lines of it. 

There is a part in the play/book where Hermione is a bit out of character. Being the cleverest witch of her age, she’s bound to notice when something’s off or if someone acts a bit too weird. But in this particular scene, she doesn’t suspect anything’s up and I found that to be very un-Hermione-ish. 

To the ones who have read the book/play, it’s the scene where Albus (Ron) is trying to stop Hermione and Harry from going into her office at the Ministry. 

[The next few paragraphs include spoilers so you’ve been warned!] 

Also, the villain itself. 

When I found out that Delphi was Voldemort’s daughter, my first reaction was to snort. I couldn’t believe it. Voldemort? A dad? Voldemort? Actually having sex with someone and Bellatrix of all people?

I mean, I know that Bellatrix worshipped him but Voldemort? 

He claimed to be the greatest wizards of all time. Of being the true form of evil itself, to be above all others, and for him to sink this low? To actually give in to the primal temptation of sex? Something that makes a human, human. That was very unbelievable and extremely out of character for Voldemort. 

Some would argue that he did it to create an heir. But he thought that he would live forever. Voldemort thought that he had conquered death itself when he had created those horcruxes. So then, why would he need an heir to carry on his legacy? 

It just doesn’t add up. It was one of the things I was pretty disappointed about in the book. 

Overall, I liked the book but I didn’t love it like some people and as you’ve read so far, it’s not without reason.

Anyway, that’s it for this blog post. Thank you so much for reading my review. 

This review was sent to us by Sarah Wazir – she blogs at https://wordpress.com/posts/sarahwazir.wordpress.com


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