Milk and Honey

Honestly, I’ve never been that much into poetry, which is why it surprised my family when I picked up a copy of this book. And I just had to. I’ve been seeing it all over Instagram and everyone, I mean everyone’s been talking about it so I wanted to see for myself what all the commotion was about. 

And I will not lie, this book is very stylish. It’s very attractive and unique with it’s illustrations and short phrases of poetry on each page. 

The author, Rupi Kaur, uses the term ‘Less is More’ to her advantage in her book. And it works. It’s very pleasing to the eye and it’s minimal – and if you know anything about me, it’s that I’m obsessed with minimalistic things. 

But moving on to the actual content of the book rather than its style and look, it has good content. It’s not exceptional or an extraordinary piece of poetry, it’s just good. There are a few exceptions in the book where a certain line hit really close to home or a phrase that made me emotional. But otherwise, it’s good. It’s not amazing, it just has a unique style to it which makes the whole reading experience better. And maybe that’s why so many people claim that it’s amazing. 

And there were some poems that felt more like quotes or a bunch of sayings, to be honest. I fail to comprehend how you would even classify them as poems. 

I don’t know, maybe you don’t even have to take my word for it. I haven’t read many poetry books so maybe I’m not an expert to give my opinion on this but regardless, this is my opinion. The poems in the book are good, some are even great, and the illustrations beautiful. The reading experience was very enjoyable and I loved that, but otherwise if you were to pull out the illustrations and the whole minimalistic effect, you would say that it’s a good book as well. Like any other poetry book out there. 

But because it’s so beautifully designed, it stands out from the other poetry books. 

What’re your thoughts on the book? Do you agree or disagree with me and please let me know why as well. I’d love to hear your opinions and thoughts, whatever they may be. Thank you so much for reading.

This review was sent to us by Sarah Wazir – she blogs at


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