I have read so many books but there are some that give you Goosebumps, make you cry, ride you on the roller coaster of emotions, and still, you don’t get enough of it. This is the similar experience I had while reading Aab-e-Hayaat.

Being a fan of Peer-e-Kamil, that is the first book in the series, I was so excited to know that there isgoing to be a sequel. The excitement can only be determined by how I crazily pre-ordered this book. Well, this book brought us back Salaar Sikandar and Imama Hashim. The journey that they began as they finally got married in the end of Peer-e-Kamil. This journey is not a simple journey as many of us have experienced in our daily lives because they are not two ordinary people. It is a union of two extraordinary people who left everything, changed their lifestyle for the sake of religion and for the love of Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.W).

Their house is built upon the basic rules and regulation of Islam and the teachings of Islam that gave equal right to man and woman with the love and harmony that should prevail within a home. This book covers many different aspects of a human’s personal and social life. If I glance over the personal aspects then this book guides us about how to take care of your loved ones, how to convert a house into a home. How Salaar, being a loving husband, never forgets to fulfil his duties towards his parents and children. How Imama Hashim, being a devoted wife, took a great step of living away from his husband
for the sake of his parents.

One of the major social issue covered in the book is of interest. The teachings of Islam towards interest and why it is forbidden. The way the writer has depicted the consequences of interest is really remarkable and this is what we are currently facing in our financial system. The character building was done really well, especially if I talk about Humain, the youngest son of Salaar and Imama, cunning and smart. Whereas Jibraeel depicts the character of a responsible son who is ready to sacrifice everything for the sake of his family.

The depiction of the story is really well, character plotting, suspense and humor were all the part of this beautiful book. What I missed in the book was more about the life of the children as their conclusion was quite much rushed. During the reading, I felt that the novel was gradually moving forward, but in the ending chapters, there was so rush of everything. Overall, the concept was good, I really loved the writing style and the plot. I would definitely

Overall, the concept was good, I really loved the writing style and the plot. I would definitely recommend it to people who have read Peer-e-Kamil and want to explore more about the lives of Salaar and Imama.

-This review was sent to us by Hira Naz


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