Exit West


In his most recent book, Hamid explores the pertinent topic of migrations from conflict and poverty stricken regions to the more developed world through a dystopic alternative reality where, as society breaks down, it causes tears in space and time allowing people to travel freely to different parts of the globe through dark “doorways” and a new age of colonization is born.

The story is unique, thought provoking and revolutionary. While the basis of the story may lie in the fundamental global political issues that we are faced with today, the portrayal of this “brave new world” is brilliant in its structure.

. Mohsin Hamid’s Exit West is the best Dystopian Genre novel I have read in years. It may or may not go down as a modern classic but is definitely a recommended read for all who are even vaguely aware of the current global refugee crisis. After 1984 and A Brave New World, we see a new kind of dystopia; and it’s called Exit West.


-This review was sent to us by Sharmeen Khan 


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