The Architect’s Apprentice

Established novelist, Elif Shafak has done it again with her book the Architect’s Apprentice, delicately weaving 16th century Turkish historical fact with fiction in a beautifully seamless manner, leaving us wondering how much is actually true and how much a figment of her imagination.

The Architect’s apprentice is about one of the most famous architects in Asian history, his apprentices and how he devoted his almost immortal life to immortal structures in Asia. It is narrated by a young boy who is an elephant keeper in the grounds of the Caliph Suleiman’s palace and revolves around how he comes to be one of the famous Sinan’s apprentices. The story evolves into one of devotion between teacher and disciple and the lengths one would go to make their teacher happy.

It is a beautiful book, well written, articulate and descriptive giving one a chance to perceive Istanbul of the past; with all the elements required to keep one engaged. Elif Shafak is one of the best contemporary Turkish Novelists of her time.

This book is definitely worth reading and recommending to others!

-This review was sent to us by Sharmeen Khan 


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