The Other Half of Happiness

Liberty Books was gracious enough to send me this book to review and fuel my on-going bibliophilia.

When I received the Other Half of Happiness in the mail, I was excited and low-key terrified that I wouldn’t like it as much as Sophia Khan is not obliged. Luckily, I was hooked the minute I picked up this book.


In this sequel, Sophia Khan has gone ahead and married a gora; causing a whole lot of scandal, heartbreak and long lectures (from her mum of course). But her living situation is in shambles, her husband is becoming increasing distant and life is clearly not what she expected it to be. So when her mum forces them to have a belated wedding ceremony and some major secrets are revealed, the whole situation might just tear the two lovebirds apart.

My Thoughts:

There’s nothing I love more than a chick flick on a lazy weekend spent in bed. Add a Muslim girl to the narrative and some desi drama and the story becomes a zillion times more relatable. The book is witty, fast-paced, thought provoking and hilarious. In fact, it has so much ‘halal humour’ that’s bound to have you in stitches.

The story opens up with ‘Oh my actual God. There’s a man in my bed! A real man.’

I found myself zipping through this book, laughing at most of the jokes, tutting at all the desi faux pas and sniffling at the almost-heartbreaks. Ayisha Malik has the skill to write great characters who serve their purpose and keep developing page by page. She’s blessed with excellent comedic timing and sharp dialogues which perfectly captures the essence of the madness within the Khan household.


If you’re looking for a Muslim version of Bridget Jones’s diary with an overbearing mum who means well, lots of laugh out loud moments, Bollywood worthy drama, a filthy smoking habit, and an obsession with biscuits; give this book a read.

This Review was sent to us by: Shamilah Rashid
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