Review of Our Story Ends Here by Sara Naveed

After a long reading slump, all I wanted was to read some simple and sweet to read that’s easy to digest and a quick read. Since this book was also selected for a July book club, I was eager to read it.

Our Story Ends Here is written by Sara Naveed, an emerging Pakistani writer, this is her second book. The story is simple that revolves around a girl named Mehar and a boy Sarmad. They met through an accident and are forced to live for eleven days together. Their journey didn’t end here but more revelation occurs to Mehar that Sarmad is not just another boy but a terrorist. The story revolves around Sawat and Lahore.

The story didn’t catch me in the first half as there was so much repeatedly going on. The same routine was described over and over again that made me a kind of bored. After the revelation of Sarmad’s involvement in terrorism. But the ending again didn’t touch my heart.

The plot was extremely predictable and there were more than necessary twists in the story that were again, predictable. The writing style was good but I must say the story didn’t touch me as much as it should have.

I wish the author best of luck for her future writings and would expect some strong plot that would hold the reader’s attention throughout the story.

This review is submitted by Anonymous our-story-ends-here.png



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