The Book That Explores Relationships Beautifully: The Perks Of Being A Wallflower


When I ordered this book, I had no idea this book was such a big hit. My sole reason for ordering this book is that I liked the title. I thought it would be about an introvert individual trying to fit in a society of extroverts (a theme I am very interested in since I was the biggest introvert in my teens) Partly I was right but this book is more than that. This book offers such a deep insight into love, life and relationships that at several times you will just be awed. Here is the blurb to give you an overview:



I don’t think this book has a plot as this is in the form of a rant. Have you read On The Road by Jack Kerouac or  The Catcher In The Rye by J.D. Salinger. Both are rantsy books and I wasn’t able to complete them and when I started this book I had similar thoughts about this book as well but a few chapters into the book, I was drawn in like anything. It traces a teenager’s journey of self discovery, of coming to terms with life’s realities and harshness.


The main character is Charlie, a high school freshman who writes letters to an imaginary friend and through these letters we discover his thoughts and insecurities. Charlie’s character is of a young adult who finds himself in situations typical of teenage life:  falling in love,  getting stuck in difficult choices regarding friendships and thinking deeply about the inner thoughts of the people around him. At times, he appears childish yet at other times he appears wise beyond his age. He is also suffering from some disease which causes him frequent headaches. The other two characters Sam and Patrick are Charlie’s friends which are also the central plot. These characters are two dimensional and there is not much focus on their back stories. However it is through the way Charlie interacts with his friends that we get an insight into the hypocrisies and realities of life.

The book only takes us into the back story of Charlies at times but not much as the back story is the central plot of the book which is revealed at the end. Although this book focuses on the typical teenage themes depression, sexuality, love and adolescence, it deals with them in a totally different manner causing us to think how our teenage experiences shape our lives and behavior in the future in adult life.

Writing Style

The narration is in the form of dated letters written by Charlie to an imaginary friend referred to as friend. The writings is filled with deep observations throughout, so profound that I managed to garner ten quotable quotes from the book. And these are the kind of sentences that one remembers forever.

Quotable Quotes





point blur_feb112018_234000669380836..jpg



point blur_feb182018_2153364667629..jpg


point blur_mar222018_223102375560346..jpg

point blur_mar272018_22303333977262..jpg

And the best of all

point blur_feb182018_2159321793265643..jpg


I loved this book maybe be cause when I read it I was going through a really difficult time in my relationship but really this book will open our eyes to the many insecurities, fears and anxieties we face as a teenager and it will give us a different perspective of looking at life.

You can order this book here from Liberty Books

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